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Account Verification


If you verify your account, after registering, you will also get additional benefits.

Verifying your account is a critical component of the global trade as it establishes the validity of your company's status and authorized contact person within the FinalWholesale.com B2B portal. Account Verification normally takes 1-2 days to complete, but may take longer if the information or documents you provide are incomplete or do not match with the relevant official records.

We work towards a safe and secure marketplace and trading platform and the merchants will certainly appreciate the fact that they're dealing with real buyers and suppliers rather than unidentified sources.

In order to get your FinalWholesale account Verified you need to prove us that you own or represent a legally registered business and that you are who you say you are.

FAQ for Account Verification

1. How do I verify my account?

In order to verify your FinalWholesale account you must provide us with your company's Registration Certificate issued by government, and your company's VAT Certificate if you are VAT registered. These could be scans, copies or a good resolution digital photos and must be emailed to officeFinalWholesale.com, together with your Final Wholesale Username and email address, so we can find your account and get you verified.

We will then affirm by email that your account has been verified successfully and you've been given a Verified status.

2. Can I verify my account as an individual?

Yes. In order to verify your FinalWholesale account as an individual you must provide us with 2 verification documents. These are a Proof of ID and a Proof of Address and must be emailed to officeFinalWholesale.com, together with your FinalWholesale email address.

  • Proof of ID could be a copy of the Passport, Drivers License or the National ID of the person your account on FinalWholesale.com is registered to. Name + Surname, Date of Birth and the signature has to be properly visible on this type of the verification document.
  • Proof of Address could be a copy of the latest utility bill of your home address, i.e. electricity, water, telephone bill, bank statement, tax bill, etc. The name and the postal address on this document must match the name and the address in your Profile.

3. How much does it cost to verify my account?

It doesn't cost anything. It's free.

4. How do I benefit from being a Verified member?

  • Receive more interest and inquiries;
  • Gain trust and increase credibility;
  • Top Positions in the companies directory and search;
  • Other members can be confident of trading with far greater transparency when conducting business with you;
  • Proudly display our Verfied Account Badge Verfied Account Badge with your offers, leads, search results and profile.


PayPal verified

If you've bought any of our VIP memberships through PayPal and your payer status in your PayPal account was "Verified" on the time of paying we will display a PayPal Verified badge PayPal Verified Account in your FinalWholesale profile and other places.


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