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eBay Auction Tools and Secrets

eBay Auction Tools and Secrets

In this book, you'll learn eBay's key tools. It's very easy to start doing business and selling your items on eBay by registering as an auction seller or buyer as eBay is one of the most user-friendly websites.

If you want to register as a buyer then you just need to submit some basic information like name, address, e-mail address creating a unique login.

While, there are some additional steps included to register as a supplier:

- focusing on financial matters in the light of rules and regulations of eBay.
- As you will be paying fees to have items listed an eBay auction seller, you'll need to set up an account.
- You will be asked to provide your bank account, a legit debit card or credit card information.
- You'll need to set up a feedback profile.
- You'll have to conduct business in a sincere and specialised matter to avoid negative feedback.

Just have a copy of this book and read the whole story.


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