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What makes FinalWholesale different to other b2b portals available on the net?

FinalWholesale is a complete internet based solution where members could access our services for free or for a very affordable fee and without any hidden strings attached - our directory is updated regularly on a daily basis! Being an online service means that you can access our portal from any PC anywhere in the world! Many of the other online directories appear to be eBooks or hard-copy publications and can become outdated very quickly. With our service not only you get access to all updates as and when they occur, you also benefit from other resources and very frequent updates we provide at absolutely no cost to you.

Unlike our competitors we don't offer reprint or resale rights. This way, we can more easily protect the content and quality of the information we provide to our members. Customers and webmasters of other online businesses can become affiliates and sell our VIP services on a commission basis - however our directories are only available on FinalWholesale.com.

We list both online and off-line sources, however our primary focus is on online wholesale resources. Full details of members who have a website are included within our directories, so that you can review their offerings online where possible.

Our directories includes additional features which are not available elsewhere. Our database is fully searchable with advanced search features. We also go further by picking and selecting special hot products & offers for our members. These wholesale offers provide great trading opportunities and huge profit margins.

We also provide complete support to our members and try to answer their queries to the best of our knowledge. Our members will always get a reply from us whether we know the answer to their query or not.

One of our main differences, except the above mentioned, is that we do not divide our members to Buyers and Sellers, all have the same privileges and benefits.

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