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How do I add new offers?

Category How to Sell

1. Sign in to your account, or register for free now;

2. Click Post new offer;

3. Select your category and subcategory;

4. Enter the title and the details of your offer;

5. Complete the rest of the form;

6. Click Submit;

Tips for adding new offers:

1. Show buyers key features of your stock:
Add specifications, functions and other attributes that buyers of your products will typically look for, e.g. model, capacity, size, shape, etc.

2. Use our easy drop-down menus:
To make it easier, select the offer details you think best describes the main features of your product from our simple drop-down menus.

3. Add offer details to your current offers:
Add offer details to your current offers in FinalWholesale and ensure buyers are able to find all your products easily.


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