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How to write a good title for my offers?

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How to write a good title for my offers?

The title of your offer is arguably the most important aspect as this is what people see in the categories and search results and that is what is clicked on in order to view the rest of your offer.

By default, when somebody runs a search, it's your offer title that is searched so your title must contain descriptive words that describe what you're offering. If your offer title doesn't describe what you're advertising, it can't be returned in the results when somebody runs a search.

Your title should be short and concise and should accurately describe what is being offered.

Bad titles include generic phrases such as "For Sale" or "Best Offer" as titles like those give potential buyers no idea what you're offering so they will be unlikely to click on your offer to view the rest of it.


If you were selling a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant, your offer title should be "2002 Mitsubishi Galant" rather than something more generic such as "For Sale" or "Great Car" otherwise your offer won't be returned when somebody searches for a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant meaning you'll miss out on a potential sale.

If you're advertising a Milka Chocolate - Alpine Milk, your offer title should be "Milka Chocolate - Alpine Milk" and not something generic such as "Available in June!" or "Great with kids" otherwise your offer can't be returned if somebody searches for a Milka Chocolate - Alpine Milk.

The best titles are always short and descriptive, for example "2002 Mitsubishi Galant for sale" or "Milka Chocolate - Alpine Milk for sale". Offers with this type of title are usually much more successful because it's easy for customers to see what's being offered which attracts more clicks, more people finding your offer through searches, and more viewings of the offer.

Never underestimate the importance of creating a great title!

With millions of page views per month, we have an extremely diverse audience but it's down to you to create great offers that generate interest in the items, products or services that you're advertising!


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