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How do I know if a supplier is trustworthy?

The best way to secure yourself from being a victim of fraud is to make some research before getting into any kind of transaction. FinalWholesale.com cannot guarantee the reliability of every supplier that signs up into our directory but here are some advice that you might find helpful:

  1. Confirm the supplier’s identity. Use online and offline methods available at your disposal to verify a supplier’s identity before making a final move. On FinalWholesale.com, view the company profile for contact details and other information. You may refer to their Verified badge available on their profile.

  2. Order samples. Before placing an order for a large quantity, order sample items to see for yourself if the quality meets your requirements, even if you have to agree to a paid sample. This is especially recommended if you are purchasing branded products.

  3. Check audit reports. If available, check audit reports to verify a supplier’s trading/manufacturing capability. Ask for bank reference letters or other related documents if you want to verify a company’s credit worthiness. Some national governments have websites available where you can verify businesses by simply searching on a database or typing in a company name or/and company number.

  4. Try to find opinions on the web. Search for customer feedback in wholesale and trading forums. Members of these forums are always willing to share their experiences if you ask about suppliers they have previously transacted with. Needless to say, Google is usually a effective source of insight on sellers and manufacturers. Search on "business name + fraud" or "company name + scam" and see what you will discover.

  5. Refer to VIP and Verified Members. A Verified badge is visible on the profiles of companies that have passed our authentication and verification process. You can trade with these companies with confidence. FinalWholesale.com has a lot of reliable, trustworthy FREE members but we would always recommend extra care in trading with any of them as they haven’t yet passed our verification.


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