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Expert articles on wholesale industry news, product announcements, product trends, business strategies, and more for the wholesale and retail industry.

Promote a Wholesale Business in 10 Steps

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Advertizing efforts for a wholesale business face the same challenges that promotional activities for any other business can face. Since the former need to sell services and products to other retail businesses, they have to keep their promotional activities low key in order to ensure their identity and pricing remain hidden. This is possible through B2B or business to business advertizing and marketing. Think about it. If consumers can buy products by posing as business buyers or if they discov ...

6 Reasons Why Wholesale Marketing Is What You Need

Category Wholesale
We are living in the age of wholesale marketing. The digital revolution has elevated the phenomenon of competitive pricing to a global level. Products and prices are now freely accessible to anyone with a handheld device. With search engine algorithms, pricing comparisons of similar products and services is just a matter of a single click. It’s easier for consumers, now, to simply go online and compare product specifications and service features, sort them according to price, and contras ...

How many are the types of wholesalers?

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The 7 types of wholesalers are: 1. General Wholesalers - Most of these wholesalers will often purchase big amounts of stock from several suppliers with the intention to increase the value of the products by reselling them in reduced quantities to resellers, retailers and distributors. Such type of wholesale suppliers typically have different vendors adding variety to their range of products and choice for their clients. The general wholesalers might trade merchandise from several different sect ...


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