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How many are the types of wholesalers?

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How many are the types of wholesalers?

The 7 types of wholesalers are:

1. General Wholesalers - Most of these wholesalers will often purchase big amounts of stock from several suppliers with the intention to increase the value of the products by reselling them in reduced quantities to resellers, retailers and distributors. Such type of wholesale suppliers typically have different vendors adding variety to their range of products and choice for their clients. The general wholesalers might trade merchandise from several different sectors as well as in a variety of categories.

2. Merchant Wholesalers – Wholesalers that belong to this category own and produce merchandise and market their products or services to distributors, other wholesalers, resellers and retailers. If you're able to order the items you're looking for direct from a Merchant Wholesaler you will probably get the very best rates and profit margins.

3. Particular Product Wholesalers - This type of wholesalers only supply 1 kind of stock for example clothing or home furniture. Some might supply multiple makes but primarily in a particular product category. Designers and manufacturers usually work with this type of wholesalers to distribute their products or services.

4. Speciality Wholesalers - These are wholesalers who will sell goods in a particular market or product category, but sometimes have stock from several providers. Due to the fact that specialty wholesalers are dedicated to a specific field or item type they seem to possess perfect product understanding together with decent costing.

5. Web based Wholesalers - Wholesalers that promote their items on the internet offer cheaper price ranges because they can lower most of the running costs that include lease or rates of physical properties. This kind of wholesaler is as a result willing to add a reduced profit to their selling price and still make margin.

6. Drop Ship Wholesalers - Such wholesalers are able to finalize the sale of a product but are going to have it shipped using their supplier straight to their purchaser without even holding the products.

7. Discount Wholesalers – This type of wholesaler will offer greatly low priced products. Usually the stock is discounted because the products are returned items, refurbished products or discontinued lines.


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