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Promote a Wholesale Business in 10 Steps

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Promote a Wholesale Business in 10 Steps

Advertizing efforts for a wholesale business face the same challenges that promotional activities for any other business can face. Since the former need to sell services and products to other retail businesses, they have to keep their promotional activities low key in order to ensure their identity and pricing remain hidden. This is possible through B2B or business to business advertizing and marketing.

Think about it. If consumers can buy products by posing as business buyers or if they discovered the pricing structure used in the wholesale business, the latter can end up losing a lot of customers. The good news is that you can make sure your wholesale business keeps a low profile by following the given steps that will keep your marketing efforts hidden from consumers:

Step 1 – Connect with Business Trade organizations

The first thing you need to do join a business trade association so that they can mention your wholesale business in their publications. These can be websites, a weekly/monthly newsletter etc. that are distributed or targeted towards other B2B companies or other wholesale businesses who might be interested in purchasing supplies or services at wholesale prices. Since these publications are usually emailed or subscribed to, there is little chance that mainstream consumers can get access to them or be interested in them.

Step 2 – Use Direct mail services

Believe it or not direct mail is still considered to be the best marketing medium for B2B marketing and advertizing efforts. That’s because it offers users a degree of confidentiality by allowing them to promote their wholesale business to select prospects from the private confines of their business.

Step 3 – Connect with Social Media

While advertizing your wholesale business online for everyone to see might be the last thing on your mind, you can set it to your advantage by creating an exclusive group that can only be joined via an invitation. The social media account will remain open to a select few and allow you to widen your network of business customers from across the globe.

Step 4 – Create a website

By creating a website for your wholesale business, you can restrict access to content that is meant specifically for business owners. Allowing them access to it will allow you to create an exclusive online ‘club’. Even though this might seem very similar to social networking sites, the difference lies in the fact that you can control the design of the website and make more space for important info that social media advertisers cannot access. Better yet, connect your social media account with the website to increase your chances of attracting private businesses.

Step 5 – Make an email list

This is similar to direct marketing a process that is popular with a number of wholesale business owners and distributors. Email lists can allow you to email as many people or organizations as there are on your list with one single advertisement or company information at very low cost.

Step 6 – Cold call

If you want to develop B2B connections without spending a lot of money on expensive advertizing and marketing, then you should adopt cold calling in your marketing efforts. Besides allowing you to make a number of pitches in very short time, you can get develop more business relationships instantly which is not possible with other media.

Step 7 – Place ads in media other than online ones

While social media and online sources can get you access to casual buyers, most business owners prefer to read B2B publications to look up services or products that could be useful for them. Advertizing your business in business magazines and in the business section of the newspaper will allow you to reach a more appropriate customer base that can ensure more profits.

Step 8 – Combine Multiple Media

In order to ensure your wholesale business receives the exposure it needs from businesses, you need to include all of your marketing media into your main advertizing plan. So if you are using social media to drive relevant leads to your website, then you should encourage subscribers to provide their contact details for your email campaigns.

Step 9 – Join Business to Business Directories

The best way for a wholesale business to make solid online presence is to register their business and make it visible to active trade clients. This is possible through a business to business directory, such as FinalWholesale.com, since it is home to a number of community groups and forums where you can find other wholesale suppliers and community groups with business owners who might be interested in what you are selling.

Since business owners or representatives join such groups to remain in touch with the latest trends in the market, you will have more chances of getting relevant and profitable prospects from there. You don’t need to hang out at forums for too long though. Just make relevant contacts and keep in touch with them to maintain a wider network of trade clients.

Step 10 – Maintain a directory of relevant products and leads

Most business to business directories have a comprehensive ‘products and leads directory’ which wholesale suppliers use to maintain contact with trade clients and vice versa. Creating one of your own for your wholesale business will help you remain updated on buying leads which can be of use to you. In addition, you can also send your preferred clients email alerts for leads that can match their demands. Plus you can also get to know marketing opportunities and get in touch with potential new trade clients which will only help you to promote your business on a large scale.

These steps are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to promoting a wholesale business to businesses that can buy from you in bulk. A thorough understanding of what makes your products and services unique and useful to your target business consumers can help you come up with more ideas that can take your business to the next level.

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